Breezit Villas Canggu

5 villa complex in Canggu:

3BDR villa 200+ square meters in two houses. 2 bedroom main house + 1 bedroom guest house. big pool 10×4. View to the greenzone from the second floor. Villa #1 and Villa #2 are one floor villas – nothing else should be built in front)

Payment plan

1. 230k EUR Land transfer at the notary

2. Contract direct with the developer in IDR currency

Payment after 70% of work is done (expected August)

907400000 IDR

Payment after work progress 100% (expected October)

370000000 IDR

3.  Price includes:

 – pool equipment, Air conditioning equipment, basic lights

Price does NOT include:

 – furniture, plants, special lights (expected 20.000 Euros for everything)

Showroom and exact copy of villa current rent rates 5000-8000$ month.

(historical rental contracts 12 months @ 5k EUR, 3 months @6,5k EUR, 3 months @8k USD)

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